Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ella is already 1 month!!

Wow it's hard to believe that Ella Grace is 1 month old! I don't know if it's the sleep deprevation or if someone is pressing fast forward but time is really flying by. We went to her 1 month appt and all looked good. She is now 9 lbs 4 oz and growing! Here are some fun photos showing what's happened in the past weeks.

Ella with her boyfriend, Luke Mullvain. Daddy likes to call him, "Ella's Bodyguard" rather than "boyfriend."

Ella with Mommy & Daddy

4 Generations: GG, Grammy, Mommy, & Ella

Ella's Uncle Tanner, graduated from Emory's P.A. school. Congrats Tanner!

Girls Dinner at my house to celebrate Erin's B-day!

1 out, 3 to come! Here's the most recent photo of all the college KD girls. Ella @ 2 1/2 weeks, Erin (Hannah coming mid Sept), Lisa (due late Oct), & Katie (due mid Dec). Ella will have so much fun with all her new friends!

Here we are at the Brown's celebrating Daddy's B-day! Ella wanted to make Daddy laugh for his birthday so she pooped, peed & spit up on Mommy all at the same time! Isn't she talented? Multi-tasking at such a young age. I consider this the night I was officially christianed into motherhood. ;-)

Bath Time! Since Ella is so advanced with her bodily functions we decided that it was time for a bath!

And finally the most recent photo's! These were taken today as Mommy pretends to be Anne Geddes.

Sorry that we have been behind in posting. Now that we have things somewhat in order with Ella, we will try to post more often.