Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Fun!

Summer fun is truly here. We have continued the world wind of activity and Ella is still amazing us with her new tricks. At this rate I think we need to get her a Peachtree Road Race number!
May flew by & June is almost over so next month will be the big day that Ella turns one!!! How crazy! Here's what we have been up to:
-Mommy & Daddy celebrated their 2 year anniversary
-Mommy & Grammy went up to NY to see some of our old friends, The Brennan's (I met Allison in nursery school - which is so crazy to think that some of Ella's friends that she is meeting now will be here friends some 20+ years later!)
-Uncle Tanner & Aunt Jill got married @ beautiful Lake Toxaway
-Celebrated Father's Day at the Brown's
In between all these activities Ella has managed to learn some new tricks too!
-She is a walking machine & sometimes gets going to a little trot
-Climbs the stairs all by herself
-She said her first word, Da-da! (we've been hearing lots of works, but this was the first word she used in the correct context)
-She went in the pool for the first time (granted we dipped her toe in last year but I use the word "dip" pretty lightly)
-Loves to help daddy play the guitar & clap to "if your happy and you know it...."
-Plays peek-a-boo around corners
-Knows that if she shakes Sophie's (the kitty) toy that she can con her into coming closer.
-Her top front right tooth has broken through
-Celebrated with Daddy, his first Father's Day!
Here are some photos:

Robin, Me, Grammy, Dodson, Allison, & Andrew enjoying brunch in NYC

The Lovely new Brown couple, Tanner & Jill

Mommy & Daddy

Ella showing off her pearly whites

Helping Daddy play guitar

Conning Sophie into playing with her

Bath time is so fun!
Getting ready to jump in!

Weee! Daddy pulling me around the pool.
Aren't we cute!!! I love my Daddy so much!