Friday, January 23, 2009

6 Months Old!!

It is hard to fathom that Ella Grace entered this world just 6 months ago! I feel like that is such a short amount of time but yet we already have a lifetime of memories. Maybe now I understand why older people forget things. I think at this route I will be absent minded in a year! We always knew our lives had changed forever the day she was born, but I don’t think we completely understood how much joy & love this precious little bundle would bring. While it hasn’t been all smiles or clean diapers, I wouldn’t change this experience for the world! She has made our family complete.

I have started packing up her 3-6 month clothes and bringing in the 6-9 months. It is such a bittersweet time. You fold up each little outfit, each with it’s own memory and pack it away. While I want her to grow and hit those milestones, I also want her to stay just the way she is, small & cuddly. Needless to say, it is very fun to see her develop her little personality with her big smiles and rolling laughs. We are blown away at how much she has grown & how much she has learned in the past 6 months. (I know this is a saying that won’t go away since I still hear it when people talk about me.) So at 6 months this is where we are:
-She has really started to like all the solids. Right now she is on the yummy diet of sweet potatoes, carrots, applesauce, pears & cereal. (And for all those with potty humor, solids definitely make diaper changing interesting!)
-She is rather impatient if she sees a full bottle and it's not already in her mouth. ;-)
-She is “talking” a lot, telling us all about her day. While we say we have heard her say “Ella” I really think it might be wishful thinking!
-She squeals & does the running man in her exer-saucer when she sees a kitty.
-When she is on her tummy she can do push-up & pull her feet under just not at the same time.
-She can sit up on her own with the occasional slow fall and if she is holding something like a couch or the outside of the exer-saucer she can stand on her own.
-She is a great sleeper going from 830p-630a.
-Basically she is now a sponge taking everything in and if you look at her you can see her little wheels in her brain turning all the time. She loves to be held when you are working in kitchen so that she can see your every move or when you are driving and she is truly looking out the window to see what's out there. It's so funny to see her taking it all in.

Well I think that sums it all up. TGIF and happy 6-month birthday Ella!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Almost 6 months old!

It's hard to believe that this Friday Ella will be 6 months old! I don't know where half a year has gone but it feels like just yesterday that we brought her home! After all they always say time flies when your having fun!
Since it has been pretty chilly we have to bundle up to leave the house and Mommy puts these silly ears on me. Don't I make a cute bunny!
But mostly we have been hibernating at home playing lots of little games and spending lots of quality time with Daddy....
I love sitting with Dad and watching TV.

I guess I can't win....Mommy makes me wear bunny ears and Daddy makes me wear baseball hats.

Daddy loves to play "kissy monster" with me and I think it is sooo funny!
But other times I just like to spend some quiet time snuggling with Daddy.

Here I am trying to get to my toys. While I haven't started crawling yet I really want to learn how to move! Who knows maybe I will walk before I crawl since I really prefer standing and dancing than being on my tummy!

I still love playing in the "pond" and sometimes I try running in my seat!

I am smiling so big because I love bath time, splashing around and eating the soaps suds.

Look don't I make a cute flower!

My parents are always trying silly things to make me laugh and for whatever reason I think it's really funny when Daddy talks in this weird voice. (my Mommy thinks Daddy sounds like a character in a horror movie but I think it's hysterical)

We hope everyone had a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Speedy Holidays & 2009

It's hard to believe that another holiday season has flown by and we are now in 2009! 2008 was an amazing year with Ella and we are so excited to see her grow & experience many firsts in 2009.
Here's what she has been up to.....
Fun play date with the 2 princesses & the stud. (Hannah, Blake & Ella)
Ella showing how much she loves the holidays!
(or us holding a kitty in front of her)
Yes Ella loves all animals and trys to tell them how excited she is to see them by squealing in delight. Needless to say Sophie & Sid go running in terror. Oh little do they know what will happen when she can walk!

Christmas Eve at the Brown's, she thought the shiny red bag was pretty neat! Since she has started teething I really think she was eyeing the bag to shove in her mouth and maybe if the bag was lucky get doused in her drool.

Oh look a fun little toy for me to play with!

Oh wow, Santa came!!!
She has started to sit up on her own but she immediately trys to put her toes in her mouth, hence the photo in her little seat so we could catch her face up, but she is still trying to grab those little piggies!

Ok this photo was really for us. We only thought it was fair to make Ella our present, after all she is the gift that keeps on giving!