Saturday, October 10, 2009

You know you are in North Georgia when....

Last weekend we went up to the Brown's cabin, for a family fun weekend. We had a great time hanging out with everyone and I know Ella loved running all around! Since fall is in the air we tried to make the most out of our North GA weekend. We went to a pumpkin patch but it was closed (how you can be a pumpkin patch closed in October I am really not sure but whatever) so to make everyone feel festive we decided to go to the Suches Indian Fall Festival. We really did have a great time there but only at a true North GA festival will you find a real Turkey Shoot. There's nothing like listening to bluegrass, eating boiled peanuts and then hear boom. Sorry Tom Turkey your number was up! After several booms we decided to head back to watch to the GA game. Needless to say after saying goodbye to Tom & the Dawgs we all needed a drink & campfire. ;-)
Toccoa River, behind the Brown's house.
Ella listening to the bluegrass.
Ella playing around during half time.
Daddy & Ella with Nana & Papa.
Ella running around, enjoying the mountain air.

Ella and Mommy saying "cheese"

A day at the park...

Since we have been having such amazing weather, we made a trip to our local park. They have tons to do there with a lake, playground, trails and more! Here are some photos....Ella picking up leaves. This is definitely one of her favorite activities lately. She really loves the brown, crunchy, half-way decomposed leaves. Go figure?

Running around the playground. Holding on to her Hollywood sunglasses!

Weeee, going down the slide with Daddy.