Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mother's Day, Dedication, Walking, Standing in the crib, where do I begin?

Ok so I realize it has only been about 2 weeks since our last post but I feel like a million things have taken place. Not to mention I feel like Ella turned 9 months and poof she is turning into such a little girl!! So here's a run down of what's been happening....

May 2nd - Ella went to her first kiddie birthday party, for her boyfriend, Luke (oops sorry Daddy I meant "bodygaurd") We had lots of fun and in typical Mullvain fashion it was like a tornado of activity!

Ella & Avery (Luke's cousin) sitting together watching Luke open gifts. (side note: Avery & Ella were born on the same evening @ Northside Hospital & waved at each other through there little clear bassinets)

Birthday Boy lovin' some cake!

Then later that day my family came over to watch Ella's first Kentucky Derby and boy was I glad they were there! It ended up being a crazy night! Here's a how it went....we ran out of propane, then I cut my finger, I go to the hospital, realize I don't have my wallet, get stiches & pop-pop brings me my wallet, come home put Ella to bed, and finally at 9p sit down for this stupid dinner. (did I mention Daddy was out of town at a bachelor party, probably having a nice cold beer on the beach?) Yeah I was glad to hit the bed that night!

The next weekend went much better! Ella started taking 2 to 3 steps on her own in between mommy & daddy. I don't know who was more excited Ella or Mommy & Daddy? Obviously now that Ella is mobile this opens a whole new can of worms so we ran to Target & baby proofed the house! Sunday morning was perfect. We celebrated my first Mother's Day with Ella being dedicated at the church. She did great and we were so happy to have a ton of family there witness this special day!

Then we all went out for a Mother's Day feast! It was so nice to celebrate with all our Mother's!

This week Ella's self confidence has really grown because now she is taking lots of steps and truly "walks" from one object to another. Here's the latest video of her walking. (Ok I will go ahead and apologize for it being sideways but I have a mental block that you cannot "rotate a video" like you can rotate a photo, but hopefully you can all turn your heads & oh yeah and she walks better in just a diaper so please excuse her lack of pants ;-) )

Last night when I put her to bed she kept crying & I couldn't see her on the monitor, so I went up to check on her & there she was standing up in the crib hanging her arms over because she had dropped her burp cloth(which is like her little comfort blanket). So out came the bumper so she couldn't use it as a step. All we need to do is find Ella on the floor! Then tonight I put her to bed and I came down stairs & turned on the monitor only to see a huge eye looking at me. Yes she had stood up in the crib again & pulled down the video monitor. Oh I can see the To Do list growing as I type! Well looks like I know what we will be doing this weekend!