Monday, April 27, 2009

9 months photos

Here are some of my favorites!!! You can probably tell that spring it definitely here & we are getting to wear all our fun dresses!!!
Hi Dad! Ella loves to wave and when she does it, she is so proud of herself!

Cheese!!! If you look real close you can see my 2 lower teeth!

Here I am smiling real big & walking around with Pop-pop.

Look at me in my lady bug outfit!

(Plus get a load of those legs!!! I just want to squeeze them!)

9 months!!

This past Thursday Ella turned 9 months!!! It's crazy to think she has been in the "outside" world now longer than she was in my tummy!

On Friday we went to the Dr. for her 9 month well check. Everything looked good until Dr. Dewling looked in her right ear. Poor Ella had her first ear infection! And worse was that mommy did not know until we were there. I had been giving her Tylenol all week for her 2 top teeth that are now coming in and attributed her fussiness to teething, oops! So needless to say we were really glad that we had a Dr's appt so that we could get her feeling better!

Here are her 9 mnths stats: Height: 28 inches (50-75%) & Weight: 19.6 lbs (50-75%)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter 2009

What a wonderful first Easter for Ella! The weather was beautiful, we had a great Easter morning service and then we had the whole family over for an egg-stravaganza!

First my parents joined us at church and Ella did great! I say this because there have been times that we have rounded the corner and the children's minister has been holding her in the lobby. ;-) But we have finally figured out that rather than feeding her before we go, we take a bottle with us and they feed her. This routine seems to make everyone's day a little brighter!

Then Skip's family & the rest of my family came over to celebrate. We had a huge lunch & ate to our hearts content and then we tried out our detective skills in the annual egg hunt. Yes we have been doing this every year since I was a child. At least this year we actually had a contestant under the of 25 searching for eggs. (thanks Ella)

Here's the photos.....
Look the Easter bunny came and Ella's diving into her basket! (Note the dress we are wearing, while it is adorable, the "true" Easter dress only made it through Church before it was spit up on. The saying "you can dress me up, but you can't take me out" is definitely true in our house!)

Here's Ella with her new golf clubs. Only appropriate since it was the final day of the Master's.

Hmm Ella doesn't know what to think of this bunny; it sings, lights up & the ears flap. After a song or two she tried to put it in her mouth, which in Ella language means "yeah I like this crazy bunny!"

Look Ella found an egg in the tree! (For those of you with good eyes might be alarmed & say "oh no her lips are blue!" Yes, they are blue however it is only due to her shoving a blue egg in her mouth. So for those of you that were wondering yes the dye does temporarily stain if the egg gets wet.)

The First Easter family shot....maybe one day we will all be looking at the camera ;-)
Some first Easter notes:
1 - Maybe you should have 2 Easter outfits
2 - Take pictures before the dyed eggs go in the mouth
3 - And at the end of it all, just laugh!
Oh the other thing I forgot to mention was that Ella got her 2 bottom teeth for Easter! They are not up completely but they have cut through and she is starting to get that silly little baby smile. It's very exciting to see her pearly whites coming in!

This is just a cute photo the day after Easter. Here's the mobility run down....She still loves to walk around while holding your hands. And we are wondering what she will do first, walk or crawl? She has taken a step or two on her own and she can do the worm (that's her version of crawling) but she hasn't completely figured either one out. She loves standing on her own and when she realizes what she is doing she smiles, squeals, then sits.