Saturday, September 26, 2009

September in a nutshell

September in nutshell. [meaning I am so behind so here's more photos & less talking, enjoy! ;-)]

On Labor Day we went to the GA aquarium.....She loved it so much we ended up getting season passes.Daddy & Ella in the underwater tunnel. She was going crazy pointing in every direction saying ooooh!

Little person, Big tank.

Ella checking out the jellyfish. I think this photo is so cool since it shows her little profile perfectly!

You could watch these things for hours.

Ella saying "Goooo Dawgs!" Not perfectly, but you totally get the gist.

Destin 2009Do you think she likes ice cream? Here she comes for a big bite!

How much fun to see what a difference a year can make! Last year she was just 8 weeks old & was a little glow worm & now she is 14 months and walking all around. Well walking everywhere except the sand. Notice in the photos that she is either standing on a towel or being held. Needless to say of the hundreds of kids frolicking in the sand, Ella was the one child that would not leave the towel unless she was in someones arms or had her little Tevas on. But she did love the ocean and kept sticking her salty little fingers in her mouth.