Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Visit with Santa, Cereal, Tagged & Laughing

Tis the Season. Yesterday we went to see Santa & I am happy to report that Ella did great. Skip & I both held our breath when we first put her in Santa's lap and while we didn't see any smiles, we also didn't have any tears so I consider that a huge success!

Also this past weekend we tried cereal. I think the photo says it all. Most ended up outside of her mouth but not too bad for our first attempt.

Here are some more photos since our last post.

I just woke up & am so happy!

This is one of my first Christmas outfits.

Also I have been "tagged" here is my 4th photo in my 4th folder....This is Katie Gordon when she was in the hospital about to have little Blake Gordon!

We will do whatever it takes to make Ella smile or laugh so here she is giggling away.... I had taken a sip of coke when Skip said something really funny which made me inhale the soda causing me to choke. As I was coughing up my Coke filled lung, Ella started to laugh uncontrollably. I had to pull over (since I was driving) and Skip jumped in the back seat and caught this....

Monday, December 8, 2008

And the winner for worst blogger is....The Brown's :-)

So yes I know it has been 2 months since our last post and needless to say lots has happened....

Ella had her first play date with Hannah Harrison. From the photo you can tell that Ella could eat Hannah however now the two are practically the same size. I think they are feeding Hannah miracle grow. ;-)

I started back at work.

Ella turned 3 months

Ella had her first Halloween, she was the ever so cute "love bug"

It started getting cold so we decided that Ella needed to wear a hat (or at least bunny ears)

Ella's friend Caroline Kane Sanders was born on 10/27/08 - that makes 3 of the 4 College friends that just had girls.....

We went to Skip's 10 yr high school reunion

Ella turned 4 months

We had a girls dinner at Taverna Plaka to celebrate mine & Jennifer Golden's B-day's, Thanks!

I had my last day at work (yes I decided that spending 2.5 hrs in the car each day was too much, so I will be at home through the holidays and then look for something closer to home after the new year)

Had a very thankful Thanksgiving

Ella loves playing in her exer-saucer (AKA "The Pond")

Had dinner at the Brown's for mine & Aunt Sarah's B-day's

Ella's new friend Blake Kel Gordon was born 12/3/08. Now all of Ella's friends have arrived healthy and ready to play! (Hannah, Caroline & Blake)

Whew, that was a lot! Hopefully everyone is caught up. Now that I am home enjoying Ella, we can give you more updates with fun photos.