Monday, March 23, 2009

Past Month's Activities

So lots has happened in the past month:
-Ella saw her first real snow
-Lots of fun playdates
-Skip & I took our first alone trip to Mexico
-I started a part time job
-Celebrated GG's (10th) , Grammy's (15th) & Auntie Mary's (16th) B-days
-Ella celebrated her first St. Patty's Day
-My Dad & Step-mom came to visit
-Tanner & Jill's First Wedding Shower

Ok so now that we are in 70 degree weather it seems like the snow was so long ago but here it was on March 1st....

Ella loved looking out the window, trying to figure out what was going on out there. (Well that or she wanted to be close to Sophie)

Sophie watching the snow (or planning her escape out of the crazy house)

Ella standing at her favorite toy, watching Dora. What can I say, she loves everything going at once. Sometimes I feel like I am becoming schizophrenic, since everything either flashes, dings, rings or sings. I am starting to hear them even when they are not playing! ;-)

Ella giving Sidney a "kiss." I use this term loosely since it's more like a soggy love bite. (Please excuse the piles of clothes in the back, Mommy & Daddy were trying to pack)

Ella steering Daddy around the house. After they are through Skip has to jump in the shower because his hair is full of Ella's happy drool!

Ella wanting to be a big girl wearing her sunglasses!

Daddy's lucky charm! No green beer this year!
Ella doing her almost crawl....she rocks back and forth and can somewhat scooch backwards but hasn't figured out how to go forward. Also notice the drool pool on the jacket. She is drooling like a champ and is still shoving everything in her mouth but no teeth yet.


All the girls in the Brown house!

Bubie, Grandpa, Mommy & Ella.