Monday, January 25, 2010

Ella's Visit with Santa

Well I think I will let the photos speak for themselves.....

Yeah, maybe next year will be her year? ;-)

Nov 09 Photo Recap

Nov 2009 Recap:
In the beginning of Nov, we went to Ashley's parents farm outside of Athens to cheer on the Dawgs. Ella had her first taste of "country living" when she rode on the gator & 4 wheeler. Whooo! Here's a picture of all us in front of the old cabin talking about our camp outs & the good ole WHS days.

Then we celebrate my last birthday in the 20's.

Thanksgiving morning Skip & I ran the Atlanta Half Marathon. (and better yet we survived!)

Then we drove up to Gainesville for Mrs. Brown's side of the family turkey feast. Here's a picture of whole Brown family.

Ella playing with her cousins Jenna & Meredith. And by playing I mean Ella taking all of Jenna's jewelry & running. ;-)

Then we drove over to Marietta for my family's Thanksgiving dinner at GG's. Here's a picture of Ella underneath GG's dining room table looking at all the kitty photos. (When I was younger I used to cut out pictures of kitties & tape them underneath my grandmother's dining room table - yes this is what you do when you are an only child - you make up fun games by yourself) Ella thought this was pretty neat and sat under there saying "hi kitty!"

Then keeping up with the Brown family holiday traditions we picked out our Christmas tree & went to see the Night of Lights. Ella loved sitting up front with Daddy & everytime she saw a Santa she would say "ho ho ho!"

Monday, January 4, 2010

Halloween Pics

Ella the happy cow.

Ella & Mommy carving the pumpkin.

Ella @ the park getting the trick or treating down pat.

Playing in the back yard before the neighborhood party.

We're Ba-ack....Oct'09 Chicago

Ok so we had disappeared for awhile, but we are back! Since we have so much to catch up on this might be a little piecey but hopefully everyone can follow along....So since our last post was from the beginning of Oct I guess that's where will begin. I like to think of this as starting a diet so you have to start somewhere, right? ;-) Mid-October, the fam went to Chicago to watch Skip run in the Chicago Marathon. We had a blast even though it was really cold. (yes it is a little ironic that I thought Chicago was cold when it is now 20 degrees in Atlanta!) We ran (no pun intended Skip) all around seeing Michigan Ave, Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower), Grant Park, Lake Michigan, Navy Pier, & the Children's Museum.

Ella running down Michigan Ave all bundled up!
Ella & I with Daddy after the race. We are so proud of him!

The fam @ Wrigley Tower on the river.