Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Our Little Traveler

Ella Grace the little traveler....
To celebrate Ella's 2 month birthday we went to Destin for a spontaneous family vacation before I head back to work. While Ella did not spend a lot of time down at the water, she enjoyed being at the beach & the ocean air. Plus, Grammy & Pop-pop came down which she loved since she was always being held & snuggled. She had many firsts - first laugh, first dip in a pool & ocean, first time out of state...It was so fun to see her reaction to all these new things!

The Family

Ella dipping her toes in the Gulf.

Look I wear my sunglasses on top of my head just like Mommy & Daddy

Hmm I kinda of like the beach scene...

After the beach it was off to the mountains to see the leaves & take in some cooler air with the Brown Family. We went to Vogel State Park where the lake & trees were gorgeous. Since it was a little chilly we bundled her up & surprise she looked too cute! She loved walking around in the Baby Bjorn & having s'mores - ok not yet but you could tell she can't wait to eat one.

I love being so close to Daddy.

I'm all bundled up!