Monday, July 27, 2009

Birthday Girl Photos

Birthday Girl Photos!!! Since the website is being difficult today the photos will be out of order, but at least you can see our little birthday girl!!!

Here are the photos from Sunday when Ella had all her little friends over for cake!

Here are some photos from Thursday on her actual birthday....

Headed to the kitchen for my birthday cake!

Geez, would you bring me my cake already? (I guess the song is right, it's my party & I will cry if I want to!)

Pretty tasty cupcake!

Then on Saturday we had over the whole family to celebrate......

Ella greeting all the guests showing them how old she is. Plus how cute is the little confetti b-day skirt that Grammy made for her!!! (It even had her name in confetti in there!)

The house all festive for the big day!

Ella's ladybug cake. Not only was it precious but delicious too! The top layer was chocolate with fudge filling & the bottom layer was vanilla with a strawberry & cream filling. Thanks Grammy!

Ella's smash cake!

Ella not real sure what to do with her cake ;-)

Ready to get down and party with all her guests!

All of us filling up our plates with BBQ, Again thanks grammy & nana!

Mommy & Daddy with the birthday girl!

We made this picture board to document everyone that came to Ella's party to share in her special day! We will print all the pictures & put them in a book for her so she can see all the people that love her to pieces!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday, Ella!!!

Happy 1st Birthday Ella!
We can't believe that you are 1 today!! This has been the most amazing year and we thank God everyday for such a precious & healthy little munchkin!! Thank you for bringing so much excitement & love into our lives.
We love you always!
Mommy & Daddy

(I promise there will be a million photos to follow of the birthday girl!)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Photo Phrenzy

If pictures are worth a thousand words, here's a few million! Ha ha ;-)

We had a KD kiddie fun night. Look at all the cuties born in 2008; Ella, Hannah, Caroline, & Blake. Also look at the cute matching outfits that Ella & Hannah are wearing. Erin's mom gave us those last year and finally they were able to make their debut!

What a difference a year makes!!!

Ella & Caroline playing while Blake, the ladies man hangs out. (Sorry Hannah you were left out of this one but I had to redeem Caroline & Ella since in most photo shoots with all the kids they are the ones crying ;-)

Ella climbing the stairs. (She can go up but hasn't figured out how to scoot down, right now she tries to come down just like big people which isn't working!)

Look I am almost to the top.
Our pensive little one. For those that see Ella regularly know that while Ella has her silly moments she usually gives people a very serious look. I am not sure what she's thinking about, maybe Dora's next adventure or Deigo's animal rescues, who knows? ;-)
Yeah Daddy about to take me into the pool!
Wee, Mommy higher!!!

Happy 4th of July Daddy & good job running the Peachtree.

Mommy loves to snuggle me even if she is sweaty & nasty. ;-)

Clap, Clap, Clap, Happy 4th of July!!

Aren't I cute? (Yeah this is the smile that she gives right before she bends down to put her hands in the kitty food. Flaked Tuna, delicious!)

Look in a couple of weeks I will be ONE!!!