Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Feb Happenings

Snow! And lots of it! (well at least for Georgia)
Ella hated walking or standing in the snow but she loved being pulled in her wagon thru the snow.
While playing the snow we ran into our neighbors, Luke & Joey. How much fun!

Daddy showing Ella how to play tennis.
Hollywood in her wagon, snacking on crackers & pointing up at the airplane. Sounds like the good life to me!
For Valentine's Day, GG gave Ella this precious UGA rocking chair and she loves it! She climbs up in it every morning saying "rock, rock, rock." Too cute!


MattandErin said...

I love all your pictures! Ella is getting so big and starting to look so much like a little girl (instead of a baby!). We have to get the girls together soon!

Jennifer said...

What great pictures! I loved looking at all the new posts. Ella is just like Ansley was last year when it snowed. She hated it and really didn't care for it but we would pull her around in her wagon and she was much happier... But this year she loved it, so i hope you guys get snow next year to see what a difference a year makes :)

I love her UGA rocking chair, super cute!